09/13  Cannibal Flower 13th Anniversary Show, Los Angeles

09/13  BG Gallery, Bold Nostalgia, Santa Monica

09/13  La Luz de Jesus, Beer is Art, Los Angeles

09/13  LGT! Group, Nothing Heavy, Pomona

06/13  AMFM Fest, Palm Springs

05/13  BG Gallery, Circle Logic, Santa Monica

04/13  Barbara West at The Brewery, Icon, Los Angeles

03/13  La Luz De Jesus, Laluzapalooza (Kitschen Sync), Los Angeles

10/12  The Loft at Liz's, Girls Doing it, Los Angeles Review

07/12  Hive Gallery, Los Angeles

05/12  Hibbleton Gallery, 300 The Group Show, Fullerton

03/12  Charity Burnett's Salon, Sex and Candy Show, Encino

02/12  Hive Gallery, Featured Artist, Los Angeles

02/12  Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles

07/11  Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles

04/11  Hive Gallery, 6yr Anniversary Show, Los Angeles

03/11  La Luz de Jesus, Kitschen Sync XIV, Los Angeles

10/10  Barnesdale Park, Beyond Eden, Los Angeles

10/10  Hive Gallery, Los Angeles

05/10  Hive Gallery, Los Angeles

08/09  Hive Gallery, Los Angeles

08/08  Hive Gallery, Los Angeles

01/08  Jeffrey paris Painting Documentary, Los Angeles

12/07  Small Wonders III, Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles

03/07  Shamrock Shindig, Acoustic Playhouse, Los Angeles

10/06  Continuum, Univeristy of Wisconsin Milwaukee

01/06  Angeles with Dirty Faces (solo show), Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

10/05  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

07/05  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

04/05  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

10/04  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

07/04  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

04/04  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery (curator), Milwaukee

03/04  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

02/04  Nude Show, Art Bar, Milwaukee

01/04  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

07/03  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

04/03  Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery, Milwaukee

03/03  Site Staffing Exhibit-solo, Milwaukee

02/03  Beauty Benefit for the Arts, Tuner Hall, Milwaukee

01/03  Research and Development Show, Hide House, Milwaukee

09/02  Bay View Arts Tour, Lovely Salon, Milwaukee

09/02  Bay View Arts Tour, Hide House, Milwaukee





2011  Ignat Ignatov Plein Air Painting Workshop

2010  Michael Hussar Portrait Paiting Workshop

2008  Sean Cheetham Portrait Painting Workshop LAAFA

2008  Steve Assael Portrait Painting Workshop LAAFA

2008  Steve Assael Figure Drawing Workshop LAAFA


1993-2000  BFA, Painting/Drawing, Uninversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

1999  Study Abroad France Italy

1993-2000  BA, Philosophy, Art History Minor UW-Milwaukee





LA Weekly:L.A. Beer Week: Beer-Inspired Art Shows September 2013

CV Weekly: "Emerging Artist, Historian, Philosopher ~ Instigator of Cultural Discussion" June 2013

Cartwheelart.com:"Laluzapalooza Opens Big at La Luz de Jesus!" March 2013

Sinopia Pigments Artist of the Month, January 2013

Huffington Post:"Kimberly Zsebe, a Future Icon of the Art World" December 2012

Cartwheelart.com:"Vega, Kimberly Zsebe “Girls Doin’ It” at The Loft at Liz’s" September 2012

Direct Art Fall/Winter 2010 - 5 Page Feature, Back Cover

Studio Visit Summer 2010

Direct Art Vol 15 Fall/Winter 2008




AMFM Fest Panel- Fair Use in Art, June 2013

BG Gallery, "Circle Logic" Artist Talk, May 2013

The Loft at Liz's "Girls Doin it" Artist Talk, Oct 2012




Video Mouse, La Luz de Jesus "Beer is Art Show", 2013

Eric Minh Swensen, "Kimberly Zsebe, Icons" Short Documentary, 2012

Jeffrey Parise, "That Doesn't Look Like Me" Short Film, 2010





Kimberly Zsebe is a native Milwaukeean. She moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue her painting and love of sunshine, after attaining a BFA in painting and drawing, with a minor in art history from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She also holds a BA in philosophy from the same school. Zsebe has also pursued her love of photography and has been working therein for some time, both commercially and artistically. However, painting is still the art form closest to her heart, and remains the focus of her creativity.


Her work was most recently featured in February 2012 at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Zsebe’s work has also been shown at Barnsdale Park, La luz de Jesus, and the Loft at Liz’s. All of which have displayed her most recent work in religious icons. Zsebe’s Icon work combines her love of philosophical questioning and her dedication to traditional methods of painting. Fun and provocative, familiar yet fresh, these paintings lead the viewer into a dialog that compares the sanctity of religion to our modern day consumerism.



Artist Statement:


Christian themes dominate my work. My philosophical studies have been focused for years on the foundations of a religion that has been one of the world's super powers. This is reflected in my recent paintings series that explores the role of Icons in both the traditional and contemporary sense. Icon painting is conventionally based on very strict guidelines. They are usually copies of original images that are believed to be sanctioned by God. An Icon's power and validity was directly related to its level of resemblance to the original image. I have developed a series of work to include traditional compositions and the egg tempera medium; however, I have replaced the often-used silver revetment, which originally served to protect the images (and later to help speed up mass production by allowing less painted areas), with aluminum from our own contemporary consumer beverage icons.


In today's world, Coca-Cola might be said to be more successful in converting masses to their product than any religion in history has been in converting people to their faith. Coca-Cola claims that more than 50 billion of their beverages are consumed every day. It would appear that mass consumerism has replaced Mass for many of us. The long-term effects of this new “religion” are still not clear. There is very little in our lives that is not effected by popular culture's exaltation of youth and consumption. It is my intention that my work opens a dialog and an awareness of the effects of the consumerism that has created our own modern-day commercial Icons which so many have come to rely on and that influence our own personal values.






All Images ©2013 K.Zsebe